Even after his presumed death twenty years ago, Feiying still lived in the shadow of the Architect. From what he’d heard, Black Lotus Clan members still believed him to be no smarter than a Lianjing Cousin, only good for executing the Architect’s flawless plans.

It was all a lie that Master Yan encouraged to create larger-than-life, conveniently-dead heroes. He certainly knew how many times Feiying had had to improvise when one of the Architect’s plans went awry.

Just like Feiying’s own had.  All the assets he’d acquired in Hua for his long-held plot to destroy the Black Lotus had been lost. The Steel Orchids. Fixer Zhang. Lilian. His own Bovyan Nightblades were too young, nor would Consul Geros allow their use outside of the Teleri Empire.

With these setbacks, even the bravest of gamblers would cut their losses.

But no. When one’s enemies thought you weak was the best time to strike.

Killing the half-elf, who was certainly the daughter of the elf lord had stolen Feiying’s love, would be the first step in exacting vengeance on those who’d wronged him.

He’d tried once before, during the Lords of the North’s uprising at Cloud Castle two years before, but protecting Lilian’s identity as Last Heir of the North had taken priority.

Now, Lilian was dead; but the half-elf would be returning to Cloud Castle to capture or kill Lord Yang.

And Feiying would be waiting.