Era of Elves (Istriya Paradise)
Twilight of Istriya

About 6,000 years before the Hellstorm
Fifty years of conflict between the elves and orcs, which the orcs ultimately win. They nearly exterminate the elves, with the survivors going into hiding. The appearance of Riyalas, God of Magic, in the form of the Iridescent Moon, strengths their magic and allows them to hide. A tribe of men, the Chosen of Solaris, flee to another continent, while the rest of mankind is enslaved.

Era of Orcs

About 6,000 years to 600 years before the Hellstorm

War of Ancient Gods

The Elf Angel Aralas descends from the Heavens to teach the surviving elf tribes a ritual magic, The Wrath of Koralis. The devastating spell will turn the air to fire, killing all living things. He plants Trees of Lights, where the elves would have sequestered themselves when the magic takes effect. During his travels, he discovers humans. Knowing he can’t plant enough trees to protect them, he decides to teach them magic. After several years, they begin their rebellion when Yanyan sings the Last Dragon, Avarax, to sleep. The victory is secured with the sacking of the Temple of Tivar and the overturning of Lydath’s Golden Bowl.

Era of Humans
0-100 First Age of Unification – no longer slaves to the orcs, and using the teachings of Aralas, humans establish the first kingdoms.
100-300 Wars of Unification – Warlords use their magic to consolidate rule over their ethnic dominions.
300-500 Age of Empires – The Arkothi in the North and the Ayuri in the South establish empires by conquering other ethnic kingdoms
500-613 Hundred Years of War – The Arkothi and Ayuri Empires reach each others borders and war ensues.
613 Hellstorm and Long Winter – In the last stage of the Hundred Years of War, both empires unleash devastating magic. The Heavens rain fire, changing the shape of the land and redrawing the [[maps]]. Three years of ash blotting out the sun leads to starvation. The agrarian empires collapse and chaos ensues.

Avarax awaksens from a thousand years of slumber

Geros Bovyan, mortal son of the Sun God Solaris descends from the heavens and settles in the ruins of the Arkothi Empire.

Wang Xinchang comes from the Jade Island to Cathay
620 Geros and his sons help defend the city state of Tile from invasion.
623 The Chosen People of the Sun God, the Eldaeri, return to Tivaralan and conquer the coast.
629 Geros’ clan becomes the Tile Palace Guard. Tele begins its conquests.
680 Tele has annexed most of its neighbors, making it second only to the Eldaeri in size.
698 Seeing how tyrannical the King of Tele has become, the Bovyan Palace Guard overthrow him and establish the Bovyan Knights.
747 Acharya forms the Order of Ayuri Paladins
780 The Bovyan Edict – The formation of the Teleri Empire, with the Directori and Keepers sharing rule.
789 – 792 Eldaeri Civil War – The Eldaeri Empire sunders into Tarkoth, Serikoth, and Korynth
792 Rumiya becomes Grand Vizier of Madura
851 The Purge of Akolytes in Levastya – The Sultan turns to worshiping the Orc Gods after they heal his son. He begins his conquest of neighboring Levanthi states.
882 Cathay agrees to sell Madura firepowder, sparking Madura’s invasion of Ankira.
Avarax regains dragon form and steals the dragonstone atop the Ayudra Pyramid
885 The Sultan of Selastya turns from the worship of Athran and caps the pyramid in Selastyas
885 Fall of Selastya – the Sultan and many Akolytes flee to Vadaras
889 Haros Bovyanthas becomes the first Keeper to become a Consul of the Teleri Empire.
903 The Teleri begin breeding an auxiliary army in Ankira
Geros poses for a statue in Altokvistas