If you’ve read and enjoyed The Dragon Songs Saga, you’ll find that the eBook bundle is no longer available on Amazon.

This is because Amazon’s bots flagged it as having “bonus content” exceeding 10% of the entire story.

In the Dragon Songs Saga Box Set, bonus material included the appendices and a preview of Masters of Deception– less than 2% of the 1500+ pages.  On a call with Amazon, I confirmed with a manager that the product was compliant with their guidelines.  Two days later, I got another email reiterating compliance.

Even still, I got a notice two weeks later that they removed Dragon Songs from the Kindle Store! It was selling 60-80 copies a day, and now, NOTHING.

I talked to a second manager, who confirmed that the set was compliant; but he said all he could do is forward it the review team, and it would take 2-3 business days.  As of right now, it has been over three days.

The set had 260 reviews, which as of now are gone.  In comparison, Book 4 has only 11. The more reviews potential readers see, the more likely they are to choose the stories I hope you, yourself, enjoyed.

So, now I am grovelling: if you reviewed Dragon Songs (or even if you didn’t), please consider reviewing the individual books. Just one sentence, even. I’d offer you a gift to show my appreciation, but that, too, violates Amazon rules.  Just know you will have my eternal gratitude.

Songs of Insurrection

Orchestra of Treacheries:

Dances of Deception:

Symphony of Fates

Thank you so much for your consideration!


UPDATE:  I got this at a on 1/12/18 around 7PM EST.  The set is back, but the rank is gone.  Who knows when Amazon will decide to take it down again, so please, please review the individual books.